No more lies


Lied to your whole life

Told what is wrong and right,

Led to believe you don’t control your life,

Domesticated into doing as you’re told

Told to swallow the poison that they feed you,

Taught all the negative thoughts within are true,

Led and taught just how to think

Never ever did you question it,

But study now the missing link,

You were born to live free and to create your own thoughts to think,

When we speak and act impeccably

Out of our own unique thoughts and beliefs,

Then for the first time we are truly living,

And no longer will your life by riven

By self doubt, self hate and a lack of self love,

It’s time to learn about who we really are and say that it’s enough,

No longer will I live by preprogrammed conditions in me,

I am manifesting now my own conscious reality,

I am now claiming back my rights and now I am going to enjoy my life,

And this will be the moment you’ll discover your true inner light.

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