We are better than the jingoistic haters

We are better than the jingoistic haters

A wave of vicious violent nationalist jingoism,

Sweeping across my United Kingdom,

Blaming all of their self made problems on immigrants,

The shameful twisting of facts by the ignorant,

Same kind of mentality that built the Third Reich,

That will not happen here, my fore fathers fought fascism for that right.

People who judge others by the colour of their skin,

Are living very sad lives and a bitter existences,

Inferiority complex to be sure

Maybe they feel they do not match up any more,

These are the same people provoking and promoting war,

Waving their spears and their flags,

Guess it makes their lives not seem half as bad,

They only see life in the negative

Stifling us who want to build stuff that’s positive,

Can’t argue with them their is no point,

So blinded by their blinkers, they think they’re never wrong,

I really don’t like the division they cause,

I don’t like the voices who chant violent and discriminatory songs,

This kind of tolerance of this has been around too long,

We’ve let the fascist idealists control to much now and it must end,

This United Kingdom needs a defence

So multiculturalism can thrive and grow,

These seeds need to be sown,

So that no longer blood had to flow,

Everybody is my sister and my brother,

No matter what their creed or colour,

No matter what their faith or sexuality,

Everybody is part of my United family

And those who choose not to agree,

You are welcome to go live out your toxicity,

In the dark shadows of your own cold bitter realms,

Living out your dreams in your own tormented hell.

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