Pill popping


We live in a world of popping pills

Like it’s a solution to all our ills,

I feel so sad, so take anti depressants man

I can’t get an erection, pop a pill watch it grow,

That’s s plan,

Everybody seeks the answer in pills,

So we end up begging as we knee

At the alter of pharmaceutical corporations,

Who offer treatments, not cures

For there is no money in that,

Popping pills won’t heal and seldom cure you,

The answer to our ills can be found in our society

That puts us under pressure and puts us understand stress,

They are turning us all into drug addicts,

But if they didn’t set such stock in financial and material success,

Or becoming famous or being perfect and accepting no less,

Don’t let pills ruin and control your life

Find different ways to deal with life’s worries and strife.

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