The soul

The soul is where bliss and love resides Deep within us deep inside The answers of truth knowing nothing of lies A place of conscious reality beyond time. When we connect with the soul The heart learns to become bold Helps to see when truths are told Keeps our faith through age from young toContinue reading “The soul”

See the Woods for the trees

Down the stream we go Along with nature’s flow Winding our way through Life like tributary tracks. We are bordered by such beauty Can we see the wood for the trees Can we see life’s gifts And revel in it with glee Can we see how each piece of nature Accepts the role it playsContinue reading “See the Woods for the trees”

Warning signs

History as they say is written by the Victor’s and with them goes the riches and the spoils, as well as the propaganda. Thus most history is propaganda and Chinese whispers. We know nothing really of Ancient civilisations or we would know how and why much of which they built and how they lived andContinue reading “Warning signs”


There is so much to life that we don’t know Knowledge way beyond our understanding yet many seem to think we know it all The ignorance that is our humanity. Science believes it has all the answers Religion claims this much the same Governments and media try to formulate their own brand of truth. ButContinue reading “Ignorance”

Culture embrace

So much culture So much tradition And of their own volition Independently Embracing all Not restricted by divides Cutting through discrimination Devoid of any explanation Turkish delights Arabian nights Oriental dreams Latin American themes All these cultures and many more To be embraced and adored To the open minded who see no flaws There areContinue reading “Culture embrace”

Last breathe

Lyrics by +44 I will be there when your heart stops beating when your last breathes taken away and when be both get carried away. I will always be there for you in life and death.

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