Blessed by colour

I see forests of verdant green

I see stars of sparkling silver filigree

I awaken to mandarin dreams

As the sun shines through my curtains

Arousing me from sleep

I see the turquoise blue sea

And feel the golden sand beneath my feet

All of this on my doorstep

Makes life a vivid colourful reality

So with this in my how can I see darkness

The ebony black of night

How can I sink to depression

When there’s so much colour and light

Yet I know it isn’t always easy to see these scenes

I know it’s hard for you

The only colour you see is crimson red

As the blood oozes from you

For your self harming abuse

And I am really trying to be helpful trying to be a friend

I am trying to show you colours

I am trying to share my light with you

In a rainbow fest and in way that’s best

Showing everyone we care

And help you see that you are blessed.

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