Anti establishment

Anti establishment

That’s what they call me

It’s not something I wanted to be

But it left me no choice

What am I supposed to do

When your government decides to lie and exploit you

What am I meant to say when it treats you that way

Abuses your compliance and willingness to obey

But when your trust in them is broken

And your consciousness becomes awoken

What are you supposed to do

I am asking you in all truth.

They fight wars and tell you its for a worthy cause

Then you learn it’s all lies

They fabric things all the time

When they explain that austerity is painful but needed

Then they sip champagne and eat haute cuisine

That strikes me as very mean

While we are suffering

And the media supports this time after time

They are apt at spreading lies like wildfire

They not even independent anymore

And equality for all is joke

That’s not funny anymore

Because equality for all is not seen that’s for sure

So yes anti establishment I maybe

But don’t blame me

It’s the way I have to be

Because there’s nothing about the establishment I believe

And that’s the truth sadly

And an indictment of our society.

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