Starry eyes

I gaze deeply into your starry eyes

I see a universe filled with dreams

I feel emotions so irresistible

You’re as deep and as beautiful as the sea

You have within you a paradigm of belief

That manifest deep within the love that I seek

You are a cosmic, celestial being

You are angelic created of powerful energy

I want to travel in your universe

I want to step through your dreams

Because everything you are

Means everything to me

I see in your starry eyes spirituality

I wish to explore your universal being

I want to be a part of your dreams

I wish to connect you and me

But I never want to tie you down

Or lock you in a golden gilded cage

What makes you amazing to me

Is how you manifest wings and fly free

Like a bird soaring into

The tangerine sun

Leaving me wishing and hoping

That you’ll give to me your love.

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