Aspects of love

The soft kiss,

The soft touch,

The passionate kiss,

The strong grip,

The melding of two souls

Lost into one,

The affection,

The emotion,

The warmth,

The connection,

The heat of two bodies

Are aspects of love.

Yet real love transcends

The physical,

It manifests deep within,

Penetrates the heart

And leaves the soul glowing,

It grows within your mind

Instills within your consciousness

And leaves you with a sense

Of being truly blessed.

It’s a power that is strong

You’ll do anything for it,

Wars and epic battles

Have been fought over this,

Love can be attachment

An addiction to hard to kick

But whatever in the end

Every soul craves it,

Both the physiological

And the emotional,

Combining as one,

Creates the uncontrollable

Aspects of love.

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