Sick to my stomach

It makes my stomach churn

this awful waste of life,

young and aspiring people

taken down by guns and knives,

how could this continue to happen

here on these London streets,

they often seem to be

victims of postcode killings,

which is an obscenity

in a land where everybody

should be free to walk any streets.

it’s all about disrespecting

but the greatest disrespect of all,

is to take away some body’s life

with no compunction at all

and for such a flimsy reason

or for no reason at all,

shot and missed the target

and someone innocent falls,

these people call themselves soldiers

but that’s a ridiculous fact,

they are just killing fellow youngsters

in what is a cowardly act,

fire shots from a passing vehicle

or jumping them and stabbing them,

when they are vunerable

and least expecting it.

It makes my stomach churn

to see them killing their own,

fellow human beings

who are also struggling

the same as them,

facing the same pressures,

it makes me sick to my mind,

that we live in such brutal

and totally callous times.

Via: Daily Prompt: Churn

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