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Reality in truth


The reality of things we see

Are only real to you and me

As long as we’re looking ot thinking of it

When we look away or think of something else

These things cease to exist

So you can see and understand just how life works

If you look and focus on the stuff that causes you pain or hurt

These things will exist in our lives

But when we think of happiness and joy

These positive affirmations will appear and be seen

It’s all just a state of mind

It’s all just a state of being.



Guess what?

We make mistakes

Shock horror suprise

We make them whdn young

And we will make them

Until we die

But that’s how we learn

Which helps us survive

Helps to grow and strive

To achieve better things

To try different ways

Why should we be slaves

To our past and future mistakes

Live life without remorse

And forgive yourself

And reside in grace

Knowing mistakes come from trying

Whether we get it wrong or right

Which is better than doing nothing

Or just living life compliant afraid to make mistakes.

Sad life song


Rise up

Fall down

Along grid

Lay lines

In a void

In a matrix

In an existence

Called humanoid

That see all that it views

As authentic and real

Despite being illusory

What is the appeal

The sensations

Of hearing

Of tasting

And seeing

Of touching

And smelling

All of these feelings

But what if

They are no more

Than sensory tricks

Of the mind

What if we have been living

One big light

What if our existence

Is just framed in time

As well as being fearful I

We have lived this life wrong

Would that marr our beliefs

And constitute the saddest love song.

Each day I live


Everyday I live a bit longer

Everyday though I get stonger

I know each day I die a little more

I age, I fade into the past and future

Present is the only place to be

Seeking out the light not darkness in which I know we’ll drown

And lose ourselves forever

I know this is so very hard to take

I know this is not a thing to fake

I rise up in the wake of oblivion

I wake up in the face of salvation

And I join in my own celebration

Of spiritual life.

Lost in space


Lost in dimensional fields

Lost in a space that’s not real

Lost in another place and time

Lost in the rhythm and the rhyme

Of universal infinity

Lost within the continuity

Of a galactic community

And I simply refuse to cede

To this endless fraternity

Of trans-dimensional depravity

Stopping us from forging unity

Across a divergent Spirituality

Of cosmic disparity leading to human clarity

About a world of alien belief.

That we cannot change or adapt or assimilate

Into an alien landscape that knows no hate

And spreads no fear.



There’s magic out there in space for those who believe

Magic resonates on frequencies,

Vibrating uncontrollably

I believe life flows magically,

On cosmic waves

And universal dreams,

We set the scene as we please

And in all of this I feel the vibes

That I can’t hide,

That magic is everywhere we see

When we believe, then everything

Becomes possible,

Because magic emanates

From the improbable,

Which makes our hopes and dreams unstoppable

This is how magic is an action that’s viable,

Open your minds,

Open your eyes,

Open your consciousness

To all things being magically sublime.

Take care of yourself


The trouble with being empathetic souls

Is the toxic vampires know

That we are selfless and will take on others pain

To ensure that others are always ok

But there is only such much suffering

Any heart and soul can take when attempting to ease others pain

So it’s vital the you look after yourself

Take time to meditate, self heal and rest

Heal your heart, spirit and soul

Take some time to be on your own

And soothe your being and let yourself grow

Appreciate your balance and you flow

Let stress and anguish simply go

And center yourself

While maintain control

Let the toxic vampires know

You are stronger now then they can ever know.