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Vague when it comes to age

I am slightly vague when it comes to age,

I try not to act it or let it get in the way,

of living how I want too

and though I am told I am getting old,

that’s not how I feel, just what I am told,

it’s a perception of time

that I don’t retain, within my mind,

an attitude that many have,

that causes them so much sorrow,

time is running out they think

but I don’t let this infect my being,

age is something many are against revealing

but it does not worry me,

I only consider it vaugly

when living life the best I can,

age is a curse for many, so I will be damned,

if I let it control or define me,

I will live in the present

and not looking behind me,

I wont worry about the future

I just live for today

and I don’t really care about going wrinkly or grey,

for this does not define me.


Via: Daily Prompt: Vague


He partakes in a little tipple

Excuse me while I partake in a little tipple

I love alcohol he said like I used to love the nipple

As a baby my he said could not wean me off

And now as an alcoholic I am lost

He still craved to suckle in some primal way

He missed his mother’s breast and milk in a baby way

Maybe his addiction came through this

Now he’s and alcoholic spending all of his time pissed

Maybe if he sobered up he would see what he missed

And he did this once in the late seventies

And spent the eighties trying to repent

For all the wrong things he did while hell bent

Defeating all the demons that being sober exposed

So he went back to alcohol to strength his resolve.

Build a sanctuary

If I had a mallet

I’d build shelters for the homeless,

I’d build places of sanctuary

Safe havens in which to live,

If only I had a mallet

And the skills to use it,

I’d decimate my life to this

If I only had a mallet

I could build a better world for everyone to live

Via:Daily Prompt: Mallet

Authentic life

Being authentic is the key

not trying hard to be tricky,

live life with an open heart

get yourself a mindful restart,

discover the existentialist you

see yourself from another view,

not just standing outside the box

but smashing it to pieces while standing on top,

manifest a consciousness shift

open up a paradigm rift,

that shakes your thinking quite a bit

and wakes you up to what reality is.

Via: Daily Prompt: Authentic

parallel lives

We love in parallel ways

converging diverging

in a dualistic way,

equidistant at various points

connected combined

when we then re-join

we live two complete and equal lives

but in love we then divide at times

or as the mood takes we unite

not restrained by ancient confines.

Parallel lives can be happily lived

if both parties are open to coexist

within the framework of no boundaries

living in a state where both are free

who has the courage and has evolved enough

to set aside ego and show ample amounts of trust

who can separate love from lust

who cannot not feel insecure and get jealous

see their relationship going ashes to ashes

dust to dust because they can’t bare to share their love.

Via: Daily Prompt: Parallel.

The genie out of the bottle

She let her genie out of the bottle

and it consumed his very being

It was to powerful for him to handle

she put his heart upon the mantle

where all the others who had tried and failed

resided after their efforts paled

to rise and quench her genies thirst

to sate her desires that simply burst

out in vibrant and energetic ecstasy

and was wild like a powerful tsunami

crashing down upon the men who too weak

could not withstand the crashing of this wave

and the mistral that blew them away

but be warned those who seek to offer this woman

just what it is she craves because her passion is ferocious

not given to your childish games.

Via : Daily Prompt : Genie

Don’t ever fret

The sun will always rise

just as it will always set

The moon will always be

forever permanent

the stars will always come out

and bedazzle the night sky

so don’t you ever fret about

anything in life

for I will always be there

witnessing shining so bright

a beautiful display of wonder

the apple of my eye

you captured every piece of my soul

and now I am so in love with you

that you will never have to fret

about both me and you

for we are twin flames

sharing the same soul group

we have been loving each other

all the lifetimes through

and this will never change

it will always continue

in love we will always be

together forever and a day.


Via: Daily Prompt: Fret

Crank up the pressure

Crank up the pressure

on all governments

make them accountable

and stand testament

for the wars that they wage

and the the innocent they kill

make them take responsibility

for all their ills,

make them justify the polluting of earth

the plastic build up in the sea

they’ve caused so much hurt

to our environment and ecology

make them stand trial

for the trail of destruction they leave.

crank up the pressure

on all governments

who’s corruption and greed

appears to know no ends

make them stand up us and tell us all why

the rich get richer and the poor just die

why is equality unachievable in our time

and why they allow the media to spread all those lies.

My love songs

My depth of my love

For this earth and life

Is as deep as the ocean

And it is just as wide

It knows no boundaries

It just goes on

Written in very word

Of every love song

I can fully describe

How it feels inside

But when I see destruction

Part my heart and soul dies

Just a little more when things are bad

It’s painful for me to see things that sad

And everything that I have known

Is wrapped in love so tightly as I’ve grown

That I bleed love, I breathe love

Through my entire being

And my love is heart and soul freeing

And of all the songs I sing just know one thing

They are love songs

That contain the memories

Of everything about me

And my love for everything

That creation ever chose

To exist for me too know.

Via :Daily Prompt: song

Depleted love

My love for all can never be depleted

For it is always and forever always will be replete

To my nothing will ever be invisible

I will see all things in their true ways

Not in the ways others wish them perceived

But in reality not the illusory

My compassion will always be overflowing

For a humanity in so much need

My kindness will know nothing of limits

The only thing I will deplete is my anger

The only thing that will not grow here is negativity.