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Observant and conversant

I have tried to be observant

And otherwise conversant,

With the world in which we live

And the universe of which we create,

Within our conscious mind

And within this self created time,

To be aware of opportunities

And mindful of synchronicities,

That cross our path upon our journey,

That may bring about epiphanies

That lead me into higher frequencies,

Of spiritual belief that maybe currently beyond me

And the words I wish to speak

But know that in the end

My consciousness and soul

Has all the answers I will ever need.


Assaying the day

I assay to be impeccable

In word as well as deed,

I assay in moments

To live Spiritually,

Which is hard in a world

So very brutal,

That it often makes

My heart truly break,

A world that would test

Even the greatest Saint,

I bleed love and weep compassion

I breath pure empathy,

I cannot express adequately

Just how it is I feel,

So all I can do is try to be,

Simply impeccable

In every moment that I can,

In every single aspect of my life

But I know I am not perfect,

So I know that I may fail

But I know at least I assayed in my own way

Each and every day,

What more can I say.

Via: Daily Prompt: Assay

She is hot like lava

she was like a lava from a volcano

on the outside encrusted

but get beneath her outer layers

you will find out she is red hot,

burning like an inferno,

she will incinerate you if your not careful

she will flow slowly over you

turning you you to molten ash

this woman is red hot

red hot to the touch

you need asbestos gloves

if you want to handle her so much

I can only wish you good luck

if you can stand the fire she is worth it

but don’t be surprised if you end up burning.


Via: Daily Prompt : Encrusted

Constant need

I have an affliction

which is a constant need,

to keep everybody happy

even if it’s at a cost to me.

I have a constant need

to to do as others please,

never standing up for myself

being walked over with ease,

it’s like I hate causing offence

or being seen as difficult,

maybe this what then leads,

to people walking all over me.

I feel constantly used

feel constantly abused

maybe the only one to blame is me.


Via: Daily Prompt: Constant


I hear people say I never compromise

They say they are tough that way.

I say if I can I am always willing to compromise

I try to be flexible that way.

I don’t see the point of not willing to compromise on anything

By not doing so it’s like you are saying you know everything

And nobody except a fool would testify to that

A wise man on the other hand would agree with that

Always be open and be willing to be flexible

Always be willing to be open to new things, new thought and views

As long as you remain authentic to true to you.

Via: Daily Prompt : Compromise

Present living

I live my life in the present

I live my dreams in the quantum

I live for happiness and love

I live to be conscious in everyway

I live in awareness the spiritual way

The past is not a place I go

Because it cannot be changed

And the future I don’t go

Because its all too unknown

Which is why I remain in the present every day.

Via: Daily Prompt : Present


Have the courage to shine your light

Have the courage to share your love

Have the courage to live your dreams

Have the courage to live bravely

And be the reflection of your consciously beliefs

And have the courage to live compassionately

Have the courage to live kindly

When you have courage then you are free.

Via: Daily Prompt: Courage

The city girl and her adorable rube

She was a city girl

he was a country bumpkin

otherwise known as a rube,

a term I had never heard before

yet it was clear that she adored

his different ways,

to the city boys

and games that they play,

so she moved to the country

and lived out a life of bliss,

with her adorable rube

she was glad she made that move.

Via: Daily Prompt: Rube

We are not the costumes that we wear

Our body is a costume

what’s real is within

what we see is illusory

that our conscious mind

is manifesting

we need to be balancing

the body needs

and our spiritual origin

we need to understand though

that beauty comes also from within

so don’t get to attached

to the physical obssession

ensure your mental state

is within your possession

stable, calm and kind

is a a perfect state of mind

and when the body and the mind

connect of equal frequencies

it makes for a life of ecstasy

and a feeling of being complete.


Via : Daily Prompt : Costume


He surprised her

She knew her husband was not the suspicious kind

And she had lurid thoughts that played on her mind

So she invited over a friend of hers

She had a fancy for him

And the obsession was getting worse

She dressed up in gym clothes

Hoping her figure would catch his eye

Tall, slim, long legs firm bum

And hair done up in bun

Leggings and a crop top vest

She was ready for him

When he came round she lured him seductively in

And in the quickest of times she was surrendering to him

He gave her was she craved and she gave as much back

She was not the type to lay supine on her back

They wrestled and writhed on the sofa and on the floor

She even found herself up against the wall

This was never how it normally was

Her and her husband never did this

Normal for them was a few minutes then off to sleep

But this carried all morning

She thought as if she would burst

She wanted as much as she could

She wanted to go until it almost hurt

When her friend left she felt she could hardly move at all

When her husband came home she had barely recovered at all

He looked and said it seems you’ve had a hard day

It must have some work out to be exhausted all of the day

She wondered if he was suspicious but he soon laid this to rest

He said he knew what she had done

Because he had discussed with her best friend

And he had told him that she was the best

She was shocked and scared how he’d react

But he smiled and said

‘I wish had told me so I could have known about it,

Its something I’d thought about,

Watching you or knowing knowing you were with other men

It doesn’t make me jealous it’s simply turns me on

That they fill a void that I can’t fill just makes sense

It bring some spice to life and a marriage that had got boring’

This music to her ears as he said it was fine

‘Just do me a favour he said let me know so I can enjoy next time.’

Via: Daily Prompt: suspicious

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