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Live your dream

I am never alone

For my conscious mind,

Holds memories

Of beauty defined,

I don’t need to be

Unhappy or sad,

I don’t need to ever feel that bad

Its all a state of mind,

Create your own imagination in which to find,

Your peace and love.

You can focus your life

On being free,

You can decide to live in conscious reality,

This is your choice to make

Its within you

Live your dream,


Live your dream


Off my trolley

If I were any more jolly

I would be thought of as being off my trolley

Maybe the price of being delusional

Or maybe it’s all just seasonal.

The fact I have survived another year

Met so many fantastic creative people here

Made this hard year more easier to take

Surround by the toxic folks and the fakes

It matters not to me what I achieved

The Compassion, love and unity

That I have encountered Sharing g my works

And reading others stuff of such quality is beserk

You realise how much talent out there

Truly never gets the chance to be aired

The positive works on peace and love

Have lifted my hopes and filled my heart so much

Its helped me believe there is good out there

And some have their eyes open and are fully aware

Of the transition and shift needed in our lives

Standing for benevolence, goodness and right.

Via: Daily Prompt : Jolly

By degrees

Degree by degree she feels the pain

Of the love that was betrayed

Meanwhile her friend sees degree by degree

The Earth heating up bringing catastrophe

Both see each issue as vital to their life

Neither judges the other and both are ready to fight

One for love and one for world

Both are there for each other with their friendship unfurled

Both support each other and and prepared to make a stand

Next to their friend ready to do anything they can.

Via:Daily Prompt : Degree

Applying varnish on life

No amount of varnish Plied to a shitty life

Will ever hide the flaws and blemishes within the heart

It will never shine and look as good

Unless you work on your life first

Make a change and turn it around

And take out all the rough

Aspects that make your life less smooth than it should be

And when you have improved your life

Then stand back and see the difference

You will notice and you will understand

How much better your life looks

So that when you apply the varnish it glows more

And looks so good.

Via:Daily Prompt:, Varnish

Saintly…Not me

I make no claim that i am saintly,

never said that I was

but I have always stayed on the side

of being what most would say is good,

I am not hater,

I am not a fighter,

I could never be a soldier ,

or a murder and take somebodies life.

I am a lover,

filled with compassion,

I am a believer in peace,

that’s not to say from time to time

that I don’t get angry

and I can be grumpy

just ask my family,

but my heart is always in the right place

but I wont claim to ever be saintly

because that just does not define me…sadly.


I dream of a time

Where I can relocate

To a different space and time

Where there is no ignorance

Taught and instilled in the mind

To be bigoted and hateful

Where we are raised to divide

I want to find myself another place

Where everyone unites

And different colours are celebrated

And the pigment of your skin don’t matter

There’s no racial hatred just a time and space

That revolves around love and peace.

Via : Daily Prompt : Relocate

He’s just another antique in this place

Older now he was

To old for people to care

He sits ruminating about bygone times

He and his memories soon to be lost in time

He felt as old as the antiques that adorned his room

Covered in patina from the damp and in the gloom

He remembers how life was full of joy,

But somewhere, somehow it just faded away

Now he sits in the dark and days are grey

And cold as well as lonely

Its not how he felt his life would go

As he sits in the electric heater glow.

Its his only source of heat

And only source of light

Wrapped in layers of clothes to keep him warm at night

His grey hair hangs down over his grizzled face

He has no one who visits his place

And he knows he will die lonely

And no one will notice within this tiny dwelling space.

Via:Daily Prompt: Patina

Come of age

Come of age

And come of time,

Come of light

And of mind,

Filigree displays

Cross my eyes

Leaving memories of divine

In ages that are sublime

We remember moments

When we were in our prime

But those days now

Have been surpassed

And are firmly in the past

But life is still good for us

Because we know it’s filled

With unconditional love

And though others may doubt us

We know we are true

No games for us to play

For life will end soon

And theirs too little time

For negative living

Or for holding onto misgivings

But to shine bright

Stand strong and hold on

To all that’s good

Just like within you’ve always known you should.

Via:Daily Prompt: Age

Sparkling eyes

That sparkle in her eye

Was the same as I saw,

Twinkling in the night sky,

That glint I caught from her

Was the same that I saw,

Flicker across the universe,

Oh! How she dazzled

Like a cluster of diamonds,

That give off sparkling colours

But she don’t need such riches,

Her wealth is in her love,

She’s worth a million dollars,

But she don’t care for money,

She’s an angel of the stars

Pure divine grace,

Wrapped filigree lace

With wings of splendour,

White like the clouds

Soft like velvet,

She swaddles those

Who’s lights have gone out

And those struggling in hard times,

She’s the guardian angel of the light.

Via:Daily Prompt :Sparkle

It’s like a zoo in here

It’s like a zoo in here

a menagerie of chaos

and it’s patently clear

that the cackles and the squawks

instill such fear

to the background of roaring

and the faces that lear

through our television screens

of those who are in control

and those of the media

support their role

and from every angle

I am told what to do

told how to think

in this human zoo

where we are kept

in captivity within our class

don’t get to many ideas

that just may surpass

the level of what it is we let you do

you are free up to a limit

but just try and extend yourself

then you will find beyond a certain point

your’e hampered

your’e held in place

tied by what was once chain

but is now red tape

I cannot breathe

it’s so suffocating

is life meant to be one of provecation

because telling ma my status

and telling me my station

and then making it clear

that is where I will stay

not good enough to move up

then you’ve found a way

to provoke a response from me

because I know I can be

anything that I decide to be

and running disturbance getting in my way

is going to have to end

because one day the downtrodden

will one day rise up and get brave

and claim their rightful place within this zoo.