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Not good enough

He released her

far to easy,

he said she ‘wasn’t good enough’

can you believe this,

she was finer

so why undermine her?

he was nothing to write home about himself,

he thought he was god’s gift,

thought he was amazing

but if he had a crystal ball to gaze in,

he would have seen

how she would grow,

how she would flourish in ways he could never know,

hampered by ego

and disrespect,

this man could barely take a step

without looking like he was clueless,

now free of him I hope she does not rue this,

lucky she was to get away.

This man was playing a stupid playground game,

thinks he can do much more better,

truth is he is nothing but a lecher

and one day he will see her again,

and he will realise what exactly got away

and if he tries to get her back,

she will tell him

‘your the kind of stain I should not let back’

and as she shines a light

and sparkles with delight

he will have to live with the regret of what he lost

and that through his own stupidity and disrespect

he will have to pay the cost,

of having lost out on a being far more beautiful

than he could ever dream of being,

now released and free

she is flying high on wings of filigree,

lighting up the lives of all she touches

a wonderful enchantress of humanity.


Via Daily Prompt: Released



Speak my mind

Could I express myself any more clearly ,

when I say to you that I love you dearly

but you are doing my head in with your mindless chatter,

just focus on the things, that really matter.

Stop being distracted by material bling,

stop thinking of monetary things,

it won’t make you happy or your life complete,

shut up please I would really like to sleep.

Focus on reality not on illusory things,

always be benevolent, compassionate and endearing,

share the love and find, the inner peace

and maybe then all the stress and worry may cease,

just be my friend, because you are my mind

but like anything you need training to define,

just want I want to be in a spiritual life,

just live a life in virtue and live it right.


Via: Daily Prompt: Express

Be brave enough to live

Be brave enough to live

never give up on life

it takes a strong and sturdy heart

to keep the faith and not to cry

but I am not afraid to cry

yet to still stay stong

I have to convince myself to carry on

at times when I think will it matter at all

if I am here or not

do i make a difference?

would I be missed?

but then I remember life is a miracle

not to be taken for granted at all

it’s a blessing not a curse

even when feeling pain and hurt

its still a wondrous thing is living

no matter how bleak things may see

it takes a brave soul to live well

when you surrender

you lose yourself in a trapped hell

so keep the self belief and know

all will one day be well

so don’t ever retreat in your shell

and hide away

or let your light go out.


Via: daily Prompt: Brave

Advice on a health and safety life

I work in health and safety

Though I use my common sense

Understanding life us risky

Which is an understatement

No one can cover all the basis

To live a totally safe secure life

And to try and do this would probably

Suck all the fun out of life

So just be careful

And be mindful

And think about all you do

But don’t let the fear of life rule everythiby you do.

Via:Daily Prompt: Risky

Frisky is risky

Being frisky

Is risky,

So pass me another whiskey

And don’t let your ardour

Get the better of you,

Contain your amorous feelings

And all your flirty dealings,

Before someone sends you reeling

Because of your sensual needing.

You must learn

The meaning of self control,

Don’t go on an erotic overload,

Because you may misread the signs

And then all of your designs

Will send you on a one way trip to hell,

Hell in a cell.

So remember being frisky

Is risky,

Don’t drink another whisky,

It just effects your amorous zones

And can leave you in hot water,

Doing just what you know you ought not do

So just stop acting rude.

Via: daily prompt: Risky

Loyal to what?

Loyal to those who are loyal to me,

Being loyal doesn’t always come easy,

Are you loyal to love

Or are you loyal just to money,

Dirty, grubby waters are muddied,

By the lack of loyal study,

Know your history,

Know your roots,

Know that being loyal only suits

Where love exist and where there’s truth,

Outside of this being loyal is a waste,

If those who want it from you

Lie right to your face.

Via:Daily Prompt:


She was loyal and got nothing back

Affection was something she lacked

She desired it but he gave her none

Treated as if she had lost his love.

She tried to tell him

She tried make it clear

That she needed more than a life of tears

She wanted to feel warm embraces

Not shattered emotions

And a love emaciated.

She missed the passion

She missed the heat

Of burning hot love

That was so exquisite

She missed the feel of a sensual touch

She wanted to feel love and lust so very much,

So is it any supprise she lays her now

Breathing fast and heavy

Sweating and worn out

From making love with a guy that showed her desire

And ignited her heart and rather body on fire.

Where had being loyal got her in the end

Taken for granted and in a dead end

Relationship with someone

Wh never showed that they really cared

So she did the one think she never dared

Thought she would do with anyone else

But that’s what happens when show you care less

No supprise she did what she did

And I ain’t lying when I say she loved it.

Via:Daily Prompt: Loyal

Ascend to heights unknown

Ascend to heights before unknown

In spiritual states we must grow

To become more and better than we are

To ascend on high among the stars

To discover how to be more humanitarian than we are.

Ascend and transcend into love unconditional

Transcend into compassion

And discover peace

Ascend to heights of enlightenment

And be a Lightworker for all other human beings.

Via:Daily Prompt: Ascend

Dont succumb to the dark veil

I won’t succumb to the dark veil

I will endeavour until I fail,

I won’t be the victim,

I won’t be weak,

I will be the light that I seek,

For salvation and transcendence,

Is an individual act,

The best way to react,

In the face of the dark and unholy demons,

Is to be good of heart

And of impeccable intentions,

I don’t think once I ever mentioned,

It would be easy to bring about a change,

No other way can we hope to stand against

Those who make life fearful

And echoing doubt,

Change of self is what it’s all about,

We have to hope that others choose to do the same,

This is the only way things can ever change,

No force can be applied to make things go your way.

So don’t succumb to the dark veil

Endeavour until you fail,

Stand strong

And we will learn to travail,

Every aspect of life and it’s terrain,

As time after time we learn through lessons, to change,

In something more resembling what will make

Humanity a more deserving human race

And maybe you will follow me,

And do the same yourself

And change for the right reasons

Which are based on spiritual thoughts and not of wealth.

Cloaked behind the veil

What’s beyond this illusory life

It’s something cloaked in mystery,

It’s something we cannot define

For its beyond our state of mind.

I am sure it maybe a state of euphoric bliss,

Something akin to the perfect wish,

To live in a place of inner peace

And unconditional love.

A place where everything just flows

And we have learnt to let go,

Where angels have no fear to tread,

Because we have transcended beyond death,

Where the light shines on us righteously

And we all feel so much virtuously,

Better than we have ever been

Living beyond original sin,

Where being immortal spirit beings

Reminds us that we are energy living,

In vessels of our created self,

Created and painted straight from the palette on which we settle,

To be creative in our art form from

A flawed masterpiece to be undone,

For being human only lasts for a short time,

Having to endure the grind.

But there are lessons there to be learnt

Along the way in a life hard earned,

Being a spiritual energy beings

Hidden behind a cloaked veil,

Which is full of amazement

And full of wonder,

Yet to imagine it would rip our mind asunder,

Unless done through a mindful astral state

Where we have let every aspect of us fade away,

So that we are back to our light particle waves,

Which enables pure knowledge to be absorbed by the mind,

The subconscious not the brain

Because nothing is real in our physical state,

Far from where we originate,

In this mystical and multiverse place,

Where nothing truly ever awesome dissapates.

Via:Daily Prompt: Cloaked