Falling down

I fell down

And thought

I had drown

Muffled ears

So I heard no sound

Images spun

Around my head

Fearsome creatures

But I wasn’t scared

As within these

Images of dread

I saw images

Of me being blessed

Though in the next moment

I seems that I was possessed

But I was soon exorcised

And then became obsessed

By sunset evenings

And the breaking dawns

And watching supernovas

As they spawned

New galaxies as they exploded

Then saw images of aliens

Rock and rolling

Among the stars

In cosmic bars

I wondered how

My world just fell apart

From this simple tumble

A trip and a fall

Then I hit the ground

Like I’d hit a wall

And as I lay remembering

The imagery or dreams

I suddenly realised

What consciousness

Is to me

A form of escape

From the illusory

But was this really reality

It’s hard to tell and hard to know

So now I don’t try and work it out

I just choose to simply let it go

And faded away in Luminescent glow.

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