Exploring love

He explored her darker side

She was his dutiful wife

And wanted to explore the same as him

So when he offered her a chance

To explore the lovers dance with someone else

She duly obliged his curious side

And she went out on a night out

Came back home but not alone

And he he listened in earnest to her cries

Of love and passion all that night

He saw her writhe and heard her moan

Saw her body arch and she groaned

And demanded more

The guy he took her every way

And she very much loved it make no mistake

Her body came alive that night

And as they played with such delight

They both kissed and sensually sighed

After reaching each climactic peak

He tossed and her her every way

And she responded and gave the same as she got

And as her husband watched and heard them both

He thought this was really hot

And was over joyed his wife felt such a fire

He loved seeing her satisfaction

Her lust and passion in full action

Her desire drove him crazy

And afterwards when both alone

They discussed what went on and both agreed

It was a memorable experience

And they decided they may do it more

And explore it a little more

And both agreed it satisfied both their needs

But also agreed that they would never leave each other

Or get jealous in any way by these games

So they agreed they could be happy

Exploring this lifestyle again

Because they viewed as just a fun game

That couples could play when ego does not get in the way.

Via:Daily Prompt: Explore

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