How can it be

I can feel your heartbeat

I feel you tremble

In anticipation of my touch

You said you need this so much

We both needed this love

And so in the darkness of the night

We made love and it seemed so right

In the breaking of the dawn

We were both unsure.

How can it be that it felt oh so right

In the heat and the passion of the night

But now it’s seems we are riddled with doubt

In the daylight hours

The love we had has been soured

By the overthinking that we are prone to

Is not enough you love me

And that I love you too

Why do we over complicate

The love that we decided to create in the dark

Where we left our mark

Last night we created such a spark

But now in the morning it seems its embarked

On a ship and sailed away

Our love now has faded away in the breaking of day.

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