New day of miraculous living

In the fiery sunrise

Of another day

In the bright orange glowing

Of fresh new sun rays

That break through my curtains

As I look out and see

The sun rising on the horizon

I know its going to be

Another day of challenges for me

But I am going to survive

I am going to enjoy life

I am going to smile all the time

Because I know this miracle life

Is wonderful gift to behold

And its one that’s denied to many

And if it seems empty

That’s because we’ve made so.

There’s so much out there for us

And there is so much love

You only get out what you put in

Look at this new day and sun dawning

Is not this enough

The beauty of another day

Life is miraculous in every way

The fact that we’re standing here

Should allay all of our fears

It’s a beautiful day

Don’t throw it away

Make your life full of cheer

And know that it’s a privilege

Just to be existing here.

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