There are no monsters

I have seen the light

I have taken flight

I have consorted

With spiritual forces

And they’ve told me

That life can be

Full of love, and peace

I heard these voices

As they talked to me

In my dreams

Of astral travelling

It’s all been made clear to me

That the only thing

We need to fear

Is our own humanity

And not another being

We’re seeing paranoia

Reflecting back so believe

There is so much

For you and me

Beyond these realms to see

The only evil is our delusions

And hey are not real

They simply constructions

Of our conscious mind

Riddled with self loathing

And plagued by fear this is clear.

So still your mind

And still your worries

There is nothing to fear

Except fear itself

So shine your light

And make it bright

And know you can sleep well

Because the only monsters

That are in this world

Are those within your head.

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