Can’t fool me

Messed up, mucked up

I won’t take sides,

I just go with what I feel inside,

I have had it hard

But I won’t bleat,

Because many have had it worse than me

But I will always make a stand for what’s good and right

I am always willing to put up a fight,

Against the oppressors who keep us down

The exploiters who stifle our sound

And use the system to keep us in our place,

Using colour, creed, race, sexuality and faith

As a weapon to beat us about the place,

Dividing us from being one human race,

Using conditioning and domestication,

To keep us in the chains of self manifestation,

Think I am going to fall for that?

Think I will fall for your fake act?

Of believing you care

I am not having that,

Truth is truth

And a fact is a fact,

We are all equal

And deserve a fair share,

We are all one race

And so we have a right to care,

Regardless of gender, colour or class,

Regardless of sexuality or faith,

We are the power and we need to bring about change,

We are the people and we should seize back the reigns.

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