Where is the compassion

Where has the compassion gone

Trying to help people just hold on

To many egos and sycophants

To many people constantly want

To be the center of the whole fucking universe

If it ain’t about them then they don’t care,

They may put slogans on the t-shirt they wear,

Making out they have big hearts

But do they ever truly play a part,

Or is it all about putting on a front

To try and look as if when the time comes,

They’ll be there right up there

Showing just how much they care,

Passive observers one and all

Well I won’t be taken as a fool,

Limited I maybe to what I can do

I don’t try to act as hypocritical as you,

I do my best and open my heart

In my own little way I try and play a part,

By offering to shine any kind d of light

Into somebody else’s difficult life,

I can never know the pain they’re going through

But it ain’t about me and that’s the truth,

Loads of people out there acting out roles

Using fake memes and quotes they stole,

My words are at least unique

And they come from my passion, my heart and soul

And as under educated as I may be,

I have always known one thing,

That being kind, compassionate and showing you care

Looking to bring about a life that is fair,

Helping those lost in the dark

Is a decent act that comes straight from the heart

And if my words fall short of the mark

By your standards I still won’t lose heart.

Because anything you do that’s honest and true,

That helps people in a world that is cruel,

Can only be a good thing

So I say to you, don’t be taking me for a fool,

I’ve only one life so I’ll live it my way

And I choose to try help people in my own way,

Because they’re more important than I will ever be

And in my spirituality I believe,

That kindness and compassion is humanities only hope

And we should all be offering hands to those who can’t cope.

4 thoughts on “Where is the compassion

  1. Agreed! A lot of people like to front that they have big hearts, but they are only concerned with their own problems. I believe everyone needs somebody, everybody needs help and patience. Where has the compassion and kindness gone? Great words!

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