I offer you my hand and my light

Life is tough

And it can seem

Like we’re alone,

Sometimes darkness

Can attack us

When we’re on our own

And the light seems

Like it will never

Shine on you again

And you feel dark

And you feel pain,

Like you will never

Live another day

But I beseech you

To hold on there,

Because I am here

To hold your hand

And lead you out of

These dark moments,

Because I care

And I say,

That life can be survived

If we try and I cry

Just give this life another try

And I will share with you my light

And my love to get you through,

It’s hard yes but it’s best

To hang on in yet

For we can still make it through

What I am saying is the truth,

Your demons lie to you,

They don’t care at all for you

Like I do,

So hold on and stay strong

And I’ll be there for you

And everything will be ok

In the end.

3 thoughts on “I offer you my hand and my light

    1. I don’t do man made God. I am there for those who reach out. But as just an everyday bloke I have my limits. I offer merely support through listening and caring. If hell rains down from space all I got is an umbrella and a hard hat.

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      1. i’m afraid that won’t help! Where as i for

        family have secured, two interstellar vehicles,

        able to reach one of a thousand worlds…

        My best advice would be

        pray to useless god,

        an be very quiet in mind an soul…

        They don’t listen within sound,

        but your heart beat could heard for miles..

        kiss kiss

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