Finding home

In the chill ebony night

We look for moonlight

We see stars to guide us

To help us find our way home

When we feel lost and we feel cold

And we are far away from home

Vulnerable and feeling at an all time low

Then that is the moment we need to be strong

And this is the moment that we need friends

This is when we need a companion

To help us navigate our way home.

This is when we find out who our friends really are

This is when we realise who tells us truth and who lies

And this is when we find the strength within

This is time we find our voices

And in this single moment

We discover if we make good choices

In the chill of night, where there’s no moonlight

And no stars to guide us home

This is when we need resilience

And the bravery to go on

And find our back home.

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