Meditating on her own pleasure


Slender she is

a fitness queen,

meditating now

on her mind

and physique,

deeply entranced

and deeply engrossed,

she open her eyes

as if she had just awoke

saw herself

for her first time,

perfectly formed

and sculptured by design.

Saw the curve of her

perfect breasts,

her flat stomach

and her crossed long legs,

realised she had shaped

the firmest butt,

all from hard work

not just from luck

and as she stirred

as she thought,

she traced with her hands

over her body,

feeling the trace

the touch,

that tantalized her

senses wholey.

As she traced

the curve of her breasts

with one hand,

her other reached down

between her legs,

as she felt

the fabric

she imagined herself blessed,

with the sensual

feeling that followed next

and she then closed her

eyes once again,

meditated while

stimulating and mind obsessed,

with reaching a moment

that will be filled with bliss,

imagined her whole body

being kissed

and teased in a way

that she was fond of

as she meditated

and continued to fondle,

her chest now heaving

with her increased breathing,

her head goes back

looking up to the ceiling,

she feels her temperature rising

now slowly moaning,

quietly crying passionate

sighs of pure delight,

she was now so close the the height,

of self satisfaction

and that dream like state,

she now worked harder

to reach that place,

where she would be

overcome by the need,

for her whole body,

to come in a confluence

of unbridled desire,

set alight in her self

an iridescent fire,

that would rush

right through her being

and cause her muscles to contract,

she was prepared now to hold

absolutely nothing back

but just go with the flow.

She could feel with her fingers

as they masterfully

started to bring her,

close to that moment

and then, there it was

and now her body

was fully a washed,

by the feeling of powerful

feelings of self lust

and self love,

in this moment

she could not get enough.

So she worked herself harder

through this moment supreme,

to keep up the flow

and the sensual feeling,

for as long as could

and for as much as she

could stand,

convulsions ran through her

she was lost in grand

rapture that now

rocked right through her body,

as she lost control

things became noisy,

as she gripped at her breast

as they threatened,

to rip through her tight vest

so hard we her nipples, now erect,

her hips bucked he six pack

now in full clench,

as she twisted contorted

she new this was the best

feeling she had experienced

in such a long time.

She was now out of body

and out of mind,

looking down on herself

it turned her on more,

to see what it was that she felt

and gasped and then

watched as the fireworks

as they exploded

and felt in a moment,

her being had imploded,

as the flow of her essence

and being cascaded out,

she let out the most

spiritual shout,

praising creation

for this moment of bliss,

as she then laid back

arched her her hips,

and caressed the pleasure zones

of her feminine being,

as she resided in the warm feelings,

her eyes now closed

she was left panting,

alone by herself

living the fantasy.

Turning and rolling

she then curled up in a ball

and drifted off to sleep

and thankful for

the moment she had just

reached going within

and finding the best moment

of self pleasuring.





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