Meteor shower


Gliding through a meteor shower

I could feel the universal power

felt and saw the embers of our lives.

I felt the heat I saw the dazzling

lights of them while they flashed my be

and it felt as if I was dancing in the rain.

I felt no fear nothing could touch me

for the universe it loved me

I felt as if everything was now alight.

In this moment of the meteoric rain

I knew it was burning away all pain

and leaving me in a state of transcendency

and although people will look and laugh at me

when I re create this dream

I must say that it seemed so real to me.

I feel renewed  and now I feel bliss

and praise creation for putting me through it

and find my spirituality more profound

another stage another experience

another maybe necessary illusion

to help me find what is needed deep within

and that is the authentic me.


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