Do you believe in yourself

Do you believe in yourself? spirituality does not imply belief in a ‘God’ but in something far greater and omniscient than us. Like a ‘source’,  from which we all as energy come from. For some it is hard to believe we were created by an omniscient being but they can understand that there is some kind of ‘source’ that produces energy and that it, like us has a consciousness and that is omniscient. We do not come from nothingness as I believe there is always something but certainly we were formed and created as the universe was formed and created, possibly by the conscious mind. It could be we are all spirits experiencing an illusory life and that the universe is a creation of our own conscious mind. What ever the belief one thing is certain without self belief you can never expect to have belief in anything else. So that is the base from which you should start. Go within your conscious mind and within yourself. there you may well find all the answers you need.


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