Dark and forboding

In the darkness of the forest

She saw a shack

Lost and desperate

She was glad for that

A candle shone in the window

She approached with trepidation

As to who would lay within

In a forest so dark and foreboding.

Knocking on the door

An old woman appeared

Face so friendly, though she was a bit weird

She asked for directions back to town

Her grisled old forehead simply frowned,

‘There is no way out my dear,

I have been here for a hundred years,’

She shut the door leaving the desperate girl outside

Where could she go, she wanted to go inside

And the impact of knowing she was stuck here

Hit her with dread and so much fear

And she knocked again almost in tears

And when the old woman reappeared

She begged to be let in and to know more

But the old lady simply just shut the door

But said careful where you roam

And be aware ever step you take maybe your last

Of that you should not mistake.

Trembling and shaking and riddled with fear

And making her way in a flood Of tears

She headed for somewhere to her was unknown

Treading carefully as she roamed

And as she walked gingerly

As she looked around

She could hear a faint sound

Of music and laughter

The sound of good cheer

So the town she thought must be clear

And as shep stepped through a clearing

Expecting to see a town

Now it was her turn to wear a frown

But that as soon as turned her frown changed to dread

As she saw a figure that left her bereft

Of any response but an ear piercing scream

As the figure was demonic and it viciously seethed

And behind it a table full of ghouls in good cheer

Having a party and were feasting on her fear

And she noticed other carcasses lifeless on the floor

A sight that surely anyone would abhor.

As the figure moved nearer she closed her eyes

And in her mind said her last goodbyes

But in an instant had a thought that may give her a chance

She waved illusions with her hands

Which put them all in a trance

And then envisioned a doorway leading back home

In an illusion she thought anything would go

And as she smiled and walked through the doorway

She bade the party farewell

Then as the door shut behind her

The scene turned to hell

And the sulphur and heat clogged in her throat

And a demon so massive in front of her rose

And picked her up and thrust her inside

A cage that it lowered over a fire

And stated she would remain there suffer for eternity

And if she thought this an illusion she better believe

As her skin peeled and burnt

And leaving her in searing pain

It said you will never know anything other than this

Ever again.


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