The joke is on us

It could be one of history’s biggest jokes a ruthless Megalomaniac, corporate oligarch rising to power as a so called backlash and shift in politics long over due and much needed. However the longer this continues the more dangerous and ridiculous it becomes. Sooner or later the joke could be on us. The system needed a shake up, the establishment needed usurping but by a far more articulate and well thought through change than has occurred here. Like Egypt when the rose up and threw out Mubarak they had not through a suitable or even clear replacement. The were do focused on the overthrowing of power they paid little heed to what will full the void. Trump is not and will never be the answer. The rise of right wing fascism is dangerous. Already Trump is oppressing the media. Already planning to ban immigrants and probably round up existing ones as Hitler did in 1936 leading up to the 2nd world war. The problem is that most who support the misogynistic, xenophobic, hate filled, loveless, corporate ego filled, self obsessed ‘I am never wrong Trump’ is that I am not even sure those who got him into power or support him realize the threat he poses. Constantly back tracking, putting out false and fake statements and contradicting beliefs he spewed before and after being elected as most politicians do. The biggest problem is he is just a puppet and mouthpiece for the worst kind of people imaginable. He has surrounded himself with the most despicable characters of the far right white supremacist denizens. What was required was light not dark. What was required was a movement to establish global peace not further wars. What was needed was a paradigm shift to unify mankind not to divide it further. In it’s rush to change the system Those who helped Trump to power misunderstood those around him and miss who the real enemy is. It is not black people, Muslims, women, Liberals or the left wing. It is fear and division, greed and power. Trump will continue to censor all those who support free speech and highlight the far right policies those behind him are pushing him towards. At the same time Trump is also being subtlety controlled and maneuvered by the ex KGB master Put in who with supprisingly adept ploys are helping to steer the US in to even more dangerous waters. It is time to ask who the joke is on and what it is really supposed to be about.


9 thoughts on “The joke is on us

  1. He doesn’t sound much different to any alternatives or any of his peers… which is why I barrack for democracy itself and not any of the personalities that come and go. All of the writers treat me like a whole train. Insane. Don’t believe the hype πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‡

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      1. See if you can find what he did to Mike Tyson back when Tyson was married to Givens. Every man and his dog took a piece of the heavyweight champion. Tyson may have been deadly but he was easy pickings to white collar criminals and bullies from long lines of financial exploiters. I always felt sorry for Tyson as I have a lot of mates who can be exceptional citizens in jail yet out in the world they struggle. I went to a school like where Trump went and people there are no less criminal than half the folk I rubbed shoulders with in reality. The more money we pay for education the better quality the bullying. Am interested to see what happens. The bipartisan cartel that allowed Oliver North and Barry Seals is exposed (further)…

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      2. From what I understand Trump is one for the so called losers and underdogs. But ten so was Hitler. They pledge allegiance more easily to those who offer a leg up. Education is important but the right type. Those above us exploit bully and control every way they can. We are caught in the middle. Those who exploit us to gain power and wealth and those who exploit our desperation and nievety. There is nothing or no one offering to unite the divides and unify humanity. I say Chomsky for president but then it’s not my country lol

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      1. Principles not personality. Spent the afternoon with a chronic addict. Good person but been exploited forever. Had to listen to hours of blame and the entire town getting free rent space in this person’s head. Still I know what it’s like and I know what it is like to be disenfranchised with no voice. Amazes me how money grubbers clamor for funding to do what I do for free. Only difference is I listen to them. I guess of those who get well….

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      2. Yes exactly. There are some of us who help because the see a need and empathise and want to help out of sheer humanity and those who see a niche in the market to make money from others suffering. However the disenfranchised of which I am one have to be careful not to be used by those who say the represent us but who actually are just using it as an opportunity for support, and notoriety. I wonder how Trump treats his lowest paid and skilled workers and how much he pays them. Like many corporate types I would not be surprised if his empire is built on the hard work and blood sweat and tears of others.

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