The hotwife

Her heart beat faster

As he undressed her,

Slowly peeling away

Each layer of her clothing,

Until she stood there naked

Aching yet trembling,

In nervous anticipation,

Waiting to release her

Pent up frustration.

She let him master, dominate 

And control her,

As he made her feel ready to explode

And feel a desirable woman.

They rose and they fell

She was enticed by his smell,

As she felt him moving his lips

All over her skin.

By the end she was eased 

Her body had been teased,

Used and abused 

And as she laid there and breathed,

Her husband come in

And came close, whispering,

‘That sounded so good

Did he do what he should,

Did he make you reach your peak

Because I heard you scream,

Did make you feel full filled

Do you want him more still’,

She stroked her hand down his face

In a thankful embrace,

She smiled kissed him lightly

And asked for more fortnightly,

He nodded his accent 

For he wanted her pleased,

In ways he could not do

He wanted her aching eased.

She kissed him again

And said I will always cherish you more,

But I need what he does

Behind our closed door,

So thank you for letting him

Do what he did,

And it pleases me more

That we both enjoyed it,

Me being used and my body abused,

You watching on, enjoying the view.


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