Surprise party

She stood alone in the darkened room

the party was in full swing

she felt hands reach and take her hips

and felt the breath upon her neck

and as she wondered what would happen next

trembling in anticipation

she felt lips kiss her neck

felt the hands of sweet caress

move over the the back of her tight dress

and raise up just a bit

exposing her thighs

she could not resist it

she ached and longed for the touch

that came and made her instantly flush.

the hand sought to confront

what they could find around the front

in the dim light, they found delight

and hidden in the shadowy night

weaved magic that made her murmur and moan

made her whisper encouraging groans

until that moment where here lust was sated

in a moment of passion there was a conflagration

in the heat of desire and fiery sensation

that burnt through her body

and increased her breath

now there was just moisture left

and as the person walked away

she turned to she who played her that way

and smiling back was her best friend

beautiful and feminine

and she smiled a wicked smile

said ‘I wanted to do that for a long while’

she was taken aback by what her friend had said

but in a hoarse and husky breath

thanked her for that moment of bliss

then she embraced her

then they kissed

and in that moment

they realized that in the future

this is how they would spend their time.


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