Meditational life

Letting go of soul and mind,

floating in a space and time,

devoid of negativity,

will often serve to set us free,

we do this through our meditation,

let go of life and it’s frustrations,

tune into the universe,

free from pain and free from hurt.

The road that we travel is a weary one

and we all deserve to find some peace along the way,

this road that we travel down is fraught with so much stress,

we all deserve a break from this by going deep within.

Find the portal,

find a way,

to free your self from everyday,

break from the illusory,

go within to reality,

be the truth and be the strength,

shine your light out until the end,

be the love, be the compassion,

be the peace and never ration,

your spiritual self righteous being,

open your arms embrace the world,

coexistence is the word,

let’s create a fair and tolerant place we know as Earth.

One where we can all be free,

know corruption and no greed,

no desire for ultimate power,

no risk of a doomsday hour,

no more xenophobic hate,

no more negative states,

but a world of unconditional love,

borne from creation from above.


Image Courtesy of Colin Wilson, Discover your aura






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