Rainbow people, Rainbow cultures

People argue about others views and opinions as though surprised that people other than them may think differently. However the whole point of the human experience is to become exposed to other views and opinions that may differ slightly or extremely. From this we learn lessons on how to learn to understand and tolerate these differences. We learn to question our own thoughts and beliefs and discover diversity and cultural differences and how to assimilate or cooperate with them. It is after all, these differences that make the world as much of a colourful place as it is. Forces that try to bring about a world of single compliance around their views and beliefs as well as cultures, should be resisted at all cost. We are rainbow people of rainbow cultures and long may that survive and flourish. Our mission here is not to eradicate this but to learn and understand from this.


9 thoughts on “Rainbow people, Rainbow cultures

      1. I got pulled up in a workplace the other day for talking about when I was someone’s age. Still trying to work out what the politically correct nazis don’t like with that…. except that I look in better health than anyone there 20 years younger than me and I have actually been in life and death fights? As a recovering alcoholic once said in a job interview…. I don’t do drugs and I can see coke users but I aren’t into it so I am telling you now you don’t want to hire me.

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      2. I think they diagnosed him with schizophrenia even every delusion he had proved real. I think the theory is that by carpet bombing someone like that with any medication it will make others around him feel better.

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      3. Join the dots…. petrol/oil. Southern states. Petrochemicals are used for plastics and pharmaceuticals. Baton Rouge. Edwin Edwards… Governor of Arkansas?
        Mena, Arkansas = Barry Seals. The Train Deaths?

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