Shafting the public service

Public services in the UK

stretched and pushed to the limits

in every way and definitely underpaid,

except for MP’S who see 11% rise in pay

and while cops are fighting terror on the streets each day,

while nurses and doctors are having to treat

people from terror and large scale emergency events,

the rise in cost of living means they are actually getting less,

teachers educating kids of the future,

firefighters risking life in burning buildings,

to protect those who are vulnerable and in need,

see the result of their bravery,

totally shit on by the government,

who when it comes to voting for increasing their pay,

voted against it even cheered,

it’s obvious to me and very clear,

they care not one jot for those who work in those jobs,

and so this expertise could so easily be lost.

Start paying these people what they are worth,

because treating them like this really hurts

but I guess you show how little their worth,

when you give a billion pounds to hold on to power,

in my eyes you are corrupted and are less than dirt.

Harsh maybe, yet this is the truth,

and as you strut around in you Saville Row suits,

acting like your like something special

I have no respect for you at any level.


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