Shadow spirit

She tried to hide away

Tried to avoid the days

She kept herself

Hidden in the shadows

She kept herself

Much to herself

An introvert and hermit.

She could not take

This society today

For their judgemental ways

We’re just too much for her

She felt it all to deep and it gave her too much pain

The things they said

They all stuck in her brain.

She was not the type too let it all go

She was not the type too just go with the flow

She stood out because she was individual

So others gave her ridicule and scorn

Inferior too her although they were

In numbers they became her curse

So she stuck to being a night time spirit

Hiding in the shadows which caused her to limit

Her impact on this life

Which may have been great

Because she had potential

To change this world today

She had that some thing special that most other people crave.

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