I was tempted by her feminine divine

enticed by the way she used her mind,

I was bewitched by her body perfect

she was stylish,

she was classy,

she always made me nervous.

Her beauty intimidated guys like me

she was the sexiest woman I had ever seen,

but her mind and intelligence were what seduced me

very well read and very literary.

I was tempted by the words she used when she spoke,

they way she laughed,

she appreciated jokes,

knew quite a few and she made me laugh

intellectually quick, with a brain that was so fast.

She ever put anyone down,

empathetic never wore a frown,

she was caring and sharing,

and full of unconditional love

as a feminine divine she was just too much.

She temptation in every way,

worked hard

but love to play,

super fit, full of energy,

with curves, long legs, she had everything

that enticed me,

I was tempted,

but it was plain to see

a woman this amazing

was out of my league

but we had fun ,

and that was all that counted.

She shared  love and light

just like a fountain,

showering her love and light on everyone,

she was cool,

she was beautiful,

she was humble,

but most of all,

she was  compassionate and kind in every way,

and this feminine vision will always stay

within in my mind for the rest of my days

an awesome temptation taking my breath away.

Via Daily Prompt : Tempted






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