Another shameful act

Facile is the belief

That everything can be resolved,

By dividing people by religions

Or by colour, gender, class,

Or political persuasion.

Facile is the system xenophobic 

In it’s approach,

That believes it can drive a wedge 

Between ordinary folk,

And if you see and witness

The compassion from people who help,

Those who fallen on hard times

Finding difficult to cope.

It’s only those who sit in the comfort

Of their status symbol homes,

That rail those suffering

Who have no where else to go.

Suffering inflicted upon them

But not through their own fault

But caught up in the politics,

That’s left them now with nought

Except just the things they could carry
And the clothes upon their back,

As the were forced to leave their country

From remorseless attacks,

By rebels and by East and West

And religious extremists,

Who are all in this together

Fighting wars like sanity

Just no longer exists

And the ones who benefit most from this,

Are the ones that sell the arms

And the ones in their ivory towers,

Who won’t come to any harm.

Sending young men to their deaths

And taking away innocent people’s breath,

In the name of a self righteous cause,

Which we know to be increased wealth

And as they sip their champagne

Everybody else suffers the pain,

It’s another shameful act 

That is visited on our humanity once again. 


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