Strong women

It is International Women’s Day

but don’t be nervous

don’t be afraid,

because we should be in awe of the feminine divine

those who occupy most of men’s minds

and rightly so because of their caring and grace

not just for the beauty about their face,

or their glorious sculptured bodies lauded in art

but also for their open, warm hearts,

that nurture young babies throughout their lives

yet always remain strong inside,

no matter the rivers of tears they may cry.

Feminine grace and beauty is a magical thing

lack mens brutish mentality,

yet warrior goddesses they surely are,

practiced well in seductive arts they are,

to lure men into giving them what they need

which as men we are fooled to easily,

by their smile, by that look,

by that promise of that kiss,

although never really ever promised.

Women are so much more than I can ever express

to have one love you means that you are blessed,

so don’t take this for granted

or betray her trust,

just always remember to embrace her with love,

and though women who are strong intimidate

don’t be nervous just show them faith,

and they will ease you and love you much more,

because of the respect that you gave them, which they will adore.


Via Daily Prompt : Nervous





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