His Birthday gift (as per the agreement)

As per the discussion on what to get 

Her for her birthday something she would never forget

They agreed for the thrill and as a real treat

He would get someone round for her to meet

A man of real prowess and stamina too

Someone who could full fill her where he get pleasure from the view

Of seeing her taken and made love too.

And as per the agreement this man did not waste

Time on dithering he did not hesitate

For she was in a short black dress with sexy lingerie 

And he clearly had an insatiable need

He took her and pinned her up against the wall

Slipped his hand under her dress

And her husband watched and he drawled 

As she succumbed to this man and moaned as his touch

She realised in this moment she wanted this so much.

He took her there right up against that wall

Then took her down and did the same on the floor

They made love on the sofa and then in the bed

He did too her  just what her husband had said

Get her making noises that I can’t get her to make

Let me see her writhe in passion, let me see her ache

Keeping it all going so she can take no more

Give her the sex she’s desperate for.

The man did this with gusts and sheer pure delight

And as he left in the early hours, he thanked the husband

For an amazing night

The husband said thank you for giving her this treat

For he knew her expectations he could never meet

And as he saw her laying there on the bed legs akimbo

That she had got the kind of love she had never known

And sleeping there soundly exhausted and flushed

Her husband was happy he had seen her touched

By someone so skillful and masterful at the arts

Of taking to climaxes that almost burst her heart

With passion and power

How she begged for more

Joined in and gave back as much as she got

Screeched words of encouragement to the man he had never heard

Some of it dirty some almost perverse.

But he loved seeing this and he still loved her

Saw an animal side of her that had never occurred 

That within her mindset or that she knew such words.

As he sat there and watched them it filled him with joy

They way he used her slim sexy body like it was a toy

And he could only hope that she to also enjoyed

And would just settle for this man being only employed 

as and when needed and when they both agreed 
As per the discussion before this first meet

And that she would be happy with this part time love

And that the  rest of the time he would be enough.

It was a gamble he was taking 

But had faith it would be fine 

And as the man satisfied her body

He would satisfy her mind.


4 thoughts on “His Birthday gift (as per the agreement)

  1. I would never enter into such an agreement. No disrespect to the people who do, it just not for me. I know this because as I read it, I felt red hot boiling anger rising in my chest – a rage I’ve never known.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting it brought out such a reaction in you. Where the anger comes from and why is worth looking into. Anger should be understood and controlled. It’s not like the story is real even. Though I take it as a compliment it provoked such emotion.


      1. Because I’ve been cheated on before… I see this as cheating because cheaters often times enter their partners into agreements they have not signed up for and know nothing about. I also think I’m having some anger issues today. I have those due to holding stuff in.

        Liked by 1 person

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