Purple heart

The Purple Heart Medal (PH) is a decoration presented in the name of the President of the United States to recognize members of the U.S. military who have been wounded or killed in battle. It differs from other military decorations in that a "recommendation" from a superior is not required, but rather individuals are entitled based on meeting certain criteria found in AR 600-8-22.:


A purple heart

was what he got,

for his life

that was now lost,

it did not feed his family,

in their hours

of now, greatest need,

a hero yes, to the military

but that won’t put food

in the bellies,

of his kids or keep the roof

over their heads,

this was the truth

following his death.

The life that was lost

left her heart broken,

empty now for this

small purple token.


Image courtesy of Pinterest


Via:Daily Prompt: Purple



6 thoughts on “Purple heart

    1. yes maybe so but i the real world that does not happen ask the Vietnam Vets or British soldiers who came back from Iraq with missing limbs. Get more aide for dying than surviving but it’s not always about money. Sometimes its about losing a loved one in such a distressing circumstance fighting for precious little and just following orders.


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