Let me caress you

I want to caress your mind

And tell you things will be alright,

I want to make your senses tingle

Feel our vibrations ripple,

I want to go deep into you.

I want prove so much to you

Because I love all that you do

And I need you to that’s the truth,

Because I am so into you,

You make my grey skies blue,

You are my every dream it’s true

And I want to hold on tight to you,

Because you are my sunshine,

And I want to be your love light

I want shine that light on you

And hold you tight 

and never let you go.

So let me show you

How much you truly mean to me,

I will give up everything for you

I would even give up breathing,

So won’t you ease stop teasing,

Because I want to caress your mind

For you leave me oh, so blind

To everything and everybody else

And I don’t want this to end.


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