The angel who danced through time


Lost in deep voids of conscious thought

I saw her disappear between shadows,

saw the swagger of her form blink

from one dimension to another.

She traveled using light rays

and I would chase and follow always,

for her perfections and her flaws

were something I so adored

and though she was a mystery,

she ignited something in me.

Her smile, he laugh, her brilliant mind,

or her sexy body of sculptured design,

that was curved and sleek in the right places

but though the universe dealt the cards

she held all the aces, flitting in and out of being,

disappearing in and out of existence,

valuing her freedom, she was bird not to be caged,

and her aura was so bright with colours that just don’t fade,

she tripped the cosmic light fantastic

and my search for her was often frantic,

yet in moment unexpected she would appear,

as if she selected to be visible in a single moment,

just to keep me hoping that one day we may collide

and be one and then unite,

in a burning love desire,

that rages like a forest fire,

out of control, and powerful,

she would melt my very soul

and leave me breathless needing more

and wishing to give her the love  that I have stored

within my heart and soul for her

which now gravitates within my being

and it almost leaves me screaming

as I race through voids to find the love sublime.



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