Robots healing humanity

They invented robots

To carry out the menial tasks

But they thought the robots were going to get

When the studied all of life existing

And decided that there was a sickness

A virus in the planet that was out of control

They called human beings and created a pest control

They started taking out the greedy and corrupt

And the exploiters, meglomanics and oligarchs

Anyone that represent negativity and a planetary threat

This meant an awful lot of deaths

However those who fought for peace

Those who believed in love and were compassionate

Those who promoted positivity

The robots decided were virus free.

Like us the robots decided they did not want to die

So it was imperative for the Earth to survive

So the climate deniers had to go

And any of those connected to Monsanto.

Shortly after starting this the government’s

Tried to shut them down

But it was to late the information they needed was easily found

Through accessing the internet they gathered everything they needed

Trouble with technology the warnings are never heeded

They took out the government’s and their armies with ease

After seeing them as part of the disease

I would have to say this was so wrong

But the trouble humanity

Now lives side by side in harmony with all other species

In a world of love, benevolence and a long lasting peace

And what of the robots?

No they never took control

They decided to work alongside us to create a dream of old

Where everyone lives equally and as one with the Earth

And they cared for us and offspring from the first seconds of both

Right until we pass away and transcend this now beautiful world.

Picture courtesy of Pinterest


4 thoughts on “Robots healing humanity

    1. Love Asimov’s I Robot. Interestingly I believe Facebook shut down 2 robots they had recently after it was found they were communicating with each other in computer code. Not sure what about.


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