Demonic feast

An intangible silence

Spreads through this house

And a chilling shudder

Runs right down my spine,

A primordial force

Haunts these rooms

I feel the cold air

And the errie mist,

Permeate my body and my bones.

As I sit in this house on my own

I hear screams,

A guteral noise

That sounds so obscene,

This is like a nightmarish dream

And hoping I wake up soon

And I plead

But sitting here I see myself bleed,

Unable to move

I feel it start cutting and ripping at me,

Then I realise I am the one doing the screaming

And as I feel the searing pain,

I know I am not dreaming,

As a face draws very close to me,

Demonic it is and drooling,

Slobbering out what it sees me as

And that’s it’s food

I realise the outcome don’t look good,

As I feel my life just ebb away

Then in comes my guardian angel to save the day

And whisks me away,

To a safer place

And I thank my lucky stars that I prayed,

For salvation

And my prayers were answered,

In the most divine way,

She denied the demon of its rightful prey

And I knelt down before her

And thank her for intervention,

She laughs and says it’s all an invention,

An illusion cruel and created by the demon,

As I see myself back seated

Ready for the demon,

To start feasting on me.


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