Synchronize life

~~~~~~~Together...Kindred Spirits~~~~~~~~ We all live many miles apart. What we think, what we believe and how we each live will always be complicated and diverse. It is the love we share; Heart to heart and soul to soul that weaves us together into kindr


Lets synchronize our lives as one

combine in defining we are human,

regardless of colour, gender or beliefs

a connection of souls in unity,

Lets synchronize together in peace and love

let’s start to say enough is enough,

we have decided we want doves to fly hear

eradicating wars, violence, death and fear.

Where is the love,

Where has it gone,

why is our humanity being undone,

it’s like we live a Sodom and Gomorrah  age

living out truly destructive ways,

destroying our beautiful environment

bowing down to corporations and governments,

these promote themselves as if idols and gods

and yet the exploit and show no love,

no gods no masters should be societies way,

nurturing and growing positivity today

this should be the top of our wish list,

let’s synchronize our lives in how we exist,

fighting for love,

fighting for peace,

fighting for compassion at the very least,

fighting for our environment

and humanity,

these are the things that I passionately believe.

Via Daily Prompt: Synchronize


Image courtesy of Pinterest


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