Life thoughts

The gratification of satisfaction

Can become the object of distraction

So you are numbed to life and all reactions

Get a grip and find some traction

From which headway can be made

And all the untruths will then be flayed

And all the victims who have been slayed

Will find their ways to better days of reincarnated escapades

Of joyous, happy, full filled days

Of universal love and transition

Beyond the usual suspicions

Of those who seek to control in opposition

And try to halt us on our mission

To transcend to heavenly Shambala

A place of enlightenment in the ever after

Where all hear are the sounds of raucous laughter

Having realised how many lives we lived were a disaster

Because we tried to heal our winds with plasters

Instead of with our energetic healing minds

Which if we had not been so blind

Would have realised over time

Has more potential

And is consequential

And quintessential

To the elemental

Aspects of the life

That we all live.

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