Here she was she thought, got distracted by a fine talking charmer without realising what was afoot, by the time she realised though, the trap was set and she was snared. She missed the young woman in the black leather suit, with short cropped white hair manoeuvre behind her. Of course she was a merc it was obvious looking back now. Just a simple needle in her neck and all she remembered was the arms of this woman around her holding her up until the charmer, a tall good looking guy with blonde hair and deep blue eyes dressed in dark blue leather trousers and jacket with a black top underneath helped her carry her to their ship.

She could not gauge the size of the space ship but in these times 2144 she knew it would be small. Times were hard and merc’s were scraping a living.

Just then the woman appeared, the one with cropped blonde hair who injected her. ‘how you feeling? She asked, her concern she thought must be feigned. ‘ Does it matter? It’s not like you care, you knocked me out and abducted me. I guess to either sell to someone in a different sector or to make me a slave on your ship. ‘ the other woman smiled. ‘Smart, I knew it, sexy with it too.’ she was referring to the fact that she was wearing a tight all in one suit like her, in beige, she had long dark hair, tanned skin and green eyes. She was like the other woman shapely. ‘What does sexy have to do with it. Yes I am smart but not smart enough, which why I am in a hold in your ship, locked up.’ the other woman clocked her head smiling, ‘name?’ it was kindly still but sharp demanding an answer, ‘Keira’ , she retorted, ‘ I am Hex’ , the other woman replied, ‘you’re mine now Keira, my little space pet, to do as I will with and I will be doing stuff to you.’ Keira was taken aback, ‘don’t you think that’s for your Captain to decide?’ Hex smiled, he ain’t no Captain just a pretty boy, like a mermaid, luring young women into the trap.’ Keira asked who is captain, ‘ why it is me, Captain Hex, are you scared?’ she said, opening the door to the hold, stepping inside and shutting it. ‘Should I be?’ Keira’ s voice shook as she spoke seeing the mix of menace and lustre in her eyes, Hex unzipped her suit showing her porcelain white skin and firm ample cleavage, ‘no my lovely, no reason to fear’, she then reached behind her back pulling out a large commando knife, ‘as long as you satisfy my varied needs you will be fine. You will always be fine if you do that,’ Keira was shaking now, ‘and if I don’t?’ Hex kissed Keira on the lips while using the knife to lower Keira’s suit zip, ‘you are now my pleasure pet, nothing more. Keep my pleasured your time on this ship will be bearable, fail to pleasure me and we will eat you. We have no need for more crew or passengers and money and food is getting good harder to come by. We have quite a taste for supple flesh like yours now.’ Keira knew she was telling the truth. She knew she was going to have to become the best pleasure pet in the universe or end up as dinner. Her life was going to be very different from now on.

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