Accept blame

I maintain a place

Of love and peace within

Though its hard at times

When despite all the signs

Others still make bad choices

The try to push the blame

Onto others just to avoid the shame.

There’s no shame in trying

There’s no harming in failing

At least you gave it all you had

So stand up an own that fact.

Others they may ridicule

And point the finger of shame

They may shout and may scream

And tell everyone you’re to blame

But just stand up and ‘say yes, you may say that I’ve failed

But did you do or contribute

In truth I know you did nothing at all’

And that’s much worse

So don’t let what they say hurt you

Be unique and keep trying and failing

Because one day you’ll get it right

Whereas they will be in the same place

As they are today

Just sitting on the side lines

Heckling and deriding everything that people contribute

They are trying to play safe

Yet in the end they get found out

As being worthless and doing nothing

So fear not and don’t be so quick to pass the blame if you fail

Because the very least you tried

And stood proud and did not hide

And in doing this you’ll surely thrive.

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