Remembrance of childhood days

I remember back when I was young

Living life and having fun

Going out and riding on my bike

We did things we wanted and that we liked

Adventuring where ever we could

Playing hide ‘n’ seek in the woods

Following the rivers course

Racing paper boats and getting soaking wet

Playing football in the park

In all weathers, getting caked in mud

Mum got angry but never lost her love

Going out at the crack of dawn

And knew to be home before it got dark.

We did so much like roller skating

Racing each other, there was no time for hating

It was all about laughing and discovering

Guess it was that there was nothing distracting

Like phones where we could link up through texting

We could only connect by meeting up in person

Which meant going out and having fun

I remember those days and how we run and run

Until those golden days were done

When we then grew up I missed that setting sun

That brought down the curtain on our childhood

And stepped into adult life and parenthood

And I wish my kids the same happy memories

But times have changed and though they to me seem bleak

I see my son living life in the park

And all he loves to do is run

So maybe in his mind like me back then

He sees nothing else but fun

I hope his childhood is also his golden age

I hope he makes the most of those days

And creates memories that like me he can look back on

With a smile in his older age.

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