Choices to be made

We must make a choice of how we will be defined

Destroyers of the environment

This earth and creations paradise

Or we can be the defenders

The nurtures and planet keepers

Guardians and truth seekers

These are the options that face us today

Or we will end up on the wrong end of natures rage.

6 thoughts on “Choices to be made

  1. Fauxcroft, I live in the heart of a forest.And there is not one piece of litter here! Each resident has so much heart and respect for Mother superior Nature! We do all we can to live in her heart, respectfully! I love your poetic verses that matter so much!

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      1. No envy! Not good for your soul! 🙂 I lived in the city for almost all my life. The mountains has been only the last 10. But I will tell you this…there will be no going back to the Big city!

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