Living in the moment

I write each poem in each moment

Not knowing where each word will lead,

I focus on my present awareness

And sometimes the words they bleed from me,

I do not sit down to write at prearranged times

My poems happen spontaneously,

I write them in each unique moment

As the thoughts they come into being

And this inspires and lights up my days

It often awakens me,

When I find my self in mindless routine

Or in the throes of drudgery,

It’s as if the words I write down

Create themselves automatically,

It’s like the thoughts that come within that moment

Are there to enlighten me

And it reminds me that in each moment

The importance of synchronicity

And how if we focus on each moment,

We discover infinite opportunities

That set our soul free.

6 thoughts on “Living in the moment

  1. I also write in the same fashion! If the words are not there,it’s ” come back another time”.
    I use to write free style, but that was years ago. Literally NONSENSE. Rhyme came about with age. Slower pace from the heart.
    Your choice of topics are always full of merit! Once again, you shine!

    Liked by 1 person

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