The afterlife

Lost souls perish daily

Beautiful people fade from life

Innocent people perish sadly

I’ve seen good people’s light go out

And every time it makes me cry

Sensing the life as it leaves their eyes

As there spirit and being subside

As they cross over to the other side

And my empathy and my love for all

Means I end up crying

Leaves me feeling choked are tearful

Knowing we are helpless

To save them from their death

If I could I’d stay and comfort each and one

Until they breathed their very last the love

And I don’t want any soul to despair

I just hope there is something as beautiful as them on the side

And that they are adorned with the love and light

In the afterlife.

6 thoughts on “The afterlife

  1. Outstanding write!
    I work with the homeless and the stories in which I could share! This is one of the most beautifully and with much needed acknowledgment poem ever! Pat yourself on the back love, for bringing these thoughts forward! Applause for caring!!

    Liked by 2 people

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