Losing everything

How many times have I heard people say what they have lost

Yet they entered this world with nothing so how could they lose

We gain so much on a daily basis, its no surprise that things come and go

It’s not surprising life is ever changing, when there is so much to learn

So many experiences to go through, that may have an influence

So how can you say you’ve lost, when you’re gaining every day

Why can you only focus on, the things disappearing from your life

Why don’t you focus on the new things entering

Why not focus on a positive mindset

Understand that if we are always focused on the negative

If we think we’re always losing, then that becomes the truth for you

If you see good things always entering every aspect of your life

Then you will find that through the law of attraction everything will be alright

And you’ll have so much more in life

Because you are living in the light.

13 thoughts on “Losing everything

  1. Look at another viewpoint. Look at not attaching to the appearances that come and go and never stay too long. The good and the so-called bad, all are temporary appearances. When we invest in any of the appearances we have deemed good/bad, we invest in their eventual departure with our investment in tow. Invest in the field where these appearances arise. This field is eternal and is always Present. This field never leaves Us. Daddy’O

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  2. This is so beautiful, but the truth be told, it’s actually the human nature to focus on the negativity. We are always unhappy as we always want more not knowing that what we have now could be someone else’s version of more.

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