Dirty deeds


There is a seedy underbelly of life

Another twisted, perverted dark side

Where corrupted minds dwell in the shadows

In and out of cars driven by people desperate to the marrow

To get their kicks and enact their sordid fantasies

And milling in among them the drug dealers weave

Selling their poison to addicts in their hours of need

Underneath the cover of night mostly

But they also operate during the day

In the places behind life hidden away

Most people do not notice it and it’s mostly not seen

But when you actually realise it you see its so obscene

But also very sad thinking how can people sink so low

And how is it that society knows

And does nothing.

The seedy underbelly of life

Where sick and sordid acts seem to be rife

What happens in these perverse minds

To seek solace in the drug life

Or in twisted depravity

It’s a life I want nowhere near me or my famy

But should be addressed by our societies

Trying to help them turn their back on dirty deeds.

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