Join me

Rain beats down on my window

The wind rattles door throughout my house

The temperatures have dropped lower

There is a mad storm raging outside

Yet I huddle here in my safe space

I keep warm in this homely space

I keep a still mind and sense of grace

Because although summer days have gone away

I still a better way to keep my self from getting down

No frowns here are allowed

Just smiles and laughter

Because despite all of life’s disasters

Of which I have had plenty

But I keep on getting back up

Everytime that I’ve been knocked down

I see no point in giving up at all

I keep sharing love and light with all

And hope to inspire them to join the call

To share in unity and peace to all

To fight for compassion and equality

So that we can lift humanity

Out of the mire it finds itself in

Join me in finding and sharing the loving.

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